Interview: Kelso's

We popped in and said g’day to our favourite sisters at Kelso’s Sandwich Shoppe. On bustling Johnston Street Abbotsford, Melbourne sits the cutest pickle-covered shop your ever did see. Kath, manager-owner and her sister Meg, tell us about what it’s like to be apart of a tiny delicious institution…


Interview: Amber Maalouf

Amber Maalouf 's photography work is one of our favourites, she kindly took the time to answer some questions and send us some pretty pictures from her home studio in Los Angeles.  Amber wear's The Smock Dress in Indigo, you can see more of her work at

Interview: Bertie

Bertie, Melbourne resident, Playlist creator + Leroy's Vietnamese restaurant owner in conversation with Zepha

An interview with our founder; Zepha

A conversation between our founder, Zepha Jackson and retailer, The East Store, Byron Bay on how and why Not A Stitch Up and Last Layer were built.


Changing the path of consumerism begins with us making simple changes in our lives.


Consider this a hello. A nice hug. A cuppa tea among friends. A warm welcome.


The way consumerism has conditioned us, it's left a disconnection between people, planet and product.


We made your clothes. #FashionRevolution

A Moment with Jill

A post by Jill Matthews @jillematthews | Sutton and Grove @suttonandgrove on Last Layer

Interveiw: Geo Moriarty

Get to know our newest addition to the Last Layer fam, Geo Moriarty.
G handles all things marketing + social media, and is all over production details.
She joined us in March last year and we can't imagine LL without her.


Fashion Revolution Week saw us come into our own, offering a rare opportunity to be present in the community of people and brands calling for a fairer, safer, cleaner, more transparent fashion industry.

Interveiw: Em Gurr

Em Gurr is my work wife at Not A Stitch Up ,
meaning I could pull the friend card and make her fill out this lil page of questions.
Thanks for playing along Em. xo

Interveiw: Zoee Marsh

Zoee Marsh is a long time close mate, mentor and sometimes (lots of times) mum to me.
We met as babies when I first moved to Melbourne for dancing at the wee age of 15 and were fortunate to travel the world together.
Zoee has always been a massive source of inspiration to me, her energy, her dedication to her craft, and not to mention the way she moves just blows my mind. Zoee was the complete mastermind behind our Last Layer x Indosole Movement Collaboration piece (you can watch this here). Zoee conceptualised, produced, choreographed and directed the entire piece and we cannot believe it or be more thankful. I'm excited to allow you to meet this magical human more, enjoy xo


Indosole and Last Layer join director Zoee Marsh ( to promote sustainable fashion production by breathing life back into an abandoned, post-apocalyptic swimming pool. Australian choreographer and movement director Zoee Marsh celebrates activism and draws an awareness to fast fashion flooding the Earth.