Last Layer was born to prove there’s a better way. To offer adaptable pieces for those who appreciate new ways of consumerism, consumption and living. 

Transcending the boundaries of a traditional brand, Last Layer’s philosophy is to design, source and produce as responsibly as possible for people, product and the planet. While resourcefully using only natural or up-cycled fabrics, each piece is mindfully made just for you when you place an order. This eliminates wasted resources and over production that other fast fashion companies face. 


Our goal is to create a demand for the artisans. We believe that knowing the story behind our purchases will strengthen the connection between person and product; to know the roots and the creators behind our pieces, and encourage us to think about the product we are buying into.


We are proud to say, that out of the necessity for transparent production and supply chains, we created our own garment manufacturing company. We named it ‘Not A Stitch Up’ and are now able to offer the same services to young designers and established brands that share the same views.


Founder, Zepha Jackson has seen all sides of the manufacturing process and through her experience has crafted an ethical solution to what she truly believes in. A progressive approach to how things can be accomplished without damaging along the way. At the age of twenty five, she feels that this is barely scratching the surface of what can be done to make the world a cleaner place.


About the collection

‘The design approach for Last Layer’s staple collection is not just based on an aesthetic choice that resonates with me, but also an outgrowth on the idea of living simply.

Much like Last Layer’s mission and dedication to treading lightly in the making of our piece’s – the design’s also mirror that ideology of living within our needs.

Applying a full approach to minimalism; we’ve created a range of interchangeable, tran-seasonal and cohesive pieces to collect and cherish. The pieces are timeless, effortless and lasting; to live, work and travel in - a ‘life’ uniform, if you will.’