Our Team

We are proud to say that each piece is created in house, ensuring that no values are compromised at any level. This also allows us to maintain a Made-To-Order system that can eliminate any over-production that we believe is a huge playing factor in the toxicity of the fashion industry.

We named our factory Not A Stitch Up and it is an 100% Last Layer owned garment factory located in Canggu, Indonesia.

NASU (Not A Stitch Up) was the by-product of creating the brand. Production, people and the processes behind our pieces are the most important for us and when searching for manufacturer’s to team with we were simply unhappy with the lack of transparency given.

We now open our door’s to offer full production services to other young designers and established brands, learn more at

In search for the original sources of high quality traditional products, we also explore countries around the world to find local artisans specialising in their craft. 
Artisans are the backbone of their local communities. Creating jobs and preserving traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation.
Supporting artisans and small communities has the potential to impact an entire economy.

Lanka Upcycles, Sri Lanka

Lanka Upcycles, is a beautiful social enterprise located on the East Coast of Sri Lanka. The are WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization) Certified  and employ 25 talented women from rural areas around their country, seeking to improve the livelihoods of the communities on Sri Lankan’s East Coast.