Our Materials

Naturally Dyed Ramie

Our botanical dye house is located in a small town in Bali and supports a network of over 30 local artisans and 70 weavers(weavers rather than weaves? I don't know the technical term) from all over Indonesia. They harness the tradition of using plants and leaves to create beautiful earthy tones.

The dye house works closely with the government, recycling the trees cut down close to highways to create their coloured dyes. They also use plants grown in their backyard, and a full circle is made when the excess chemical free water from dying returns back into their garden.

They then apply it to our carefully chosen organic fabrics such as Ramie, Hemp and Organic Cotton.

Following our slow made principals, our sewing team are thorough in ensuring material wastage is minimal through meticulous lay planning and up-cycling of all fabric scraps from our cutting room floor.


GOTS Certified Organic Twill:

Working closely with a social enterprise out of Java, Indonesia we are incredibly excited to have to the opportunity to now give this beautiful GOTS Certified (Global Organic Textile Standard) deadstock fabric a new life. Saving these curtain off-cuts, over-ordered or leftover fabrics from heading to landfill, we are now able to purchase and repurpose them.


Upcycled Plastic + Hessian:

Material waste from the East Coast of Sri Lanka is collected, carefully cleaned and crafted into our pieces in a beautiful workshop by local social enterprise, Rice + Carry, located in the small east coast town of Komari.

The recycled Hessian and plastic rice bags are then teamed with natural, fair trade certificated fabric by the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO), made by a handlooming group also located on the east coast of Sri Lanka in Batticola.